You are probably a busy person who doesn’t have time to take fancy retreats in the countryside. Additionally, you probably don’t want to live on mung beans and lettuce for your whole life, but you totally understand that your body isn’t keeping up with your demanding lifestyle.

Secretly you’re feeling fat, fatigued and fed-up, but you don’t have time to completely stop and put your health first. The fact is: you are running out of fuel and trying to succeed in the demanding world and you put a lot of demands on your body. Each time you get stressed your adrenal glands are put under pressure and produce a stress-response hormone called cortisol, which pumps through your body. When this happens everyday, your body starts to struggle to eliminate toxins which you are exposed to internally and externally.

Externally, you are exposed to car exhaust, cleaning products, smoke, and even your personal hygiene or make-up products, just to name a few. Internally you are drinking alcohol, taking prescription or over the counter drugs, consuming preservatives, additives, fats and even your own hormones can wreak havoc in your body. Adrenaline is toxic when is not detoxified by the liver and can lead to adrenal fatigue or other health problems. The standard western diet is lacking some key components to help your liver to detoxify to its optimum, sometimes you need to give your body a helping hand to eliminate toxic build up.

All the toxins you are exposed to during a day start accumulating in your body. Your body has its own detoxification pathways: about 25% of those toxins go through your gut while the remaining 75% go through your liver; that’s a heavy load on your liver in today’s toxin heavy environment. Your body is working hard to protect you from all toxins but if it can’t keep up or gets overloaded, harmful toxins will be stored in your fat cells as it is the safest place in your body. When you decide to loose weight, your body has got a different strategy, it will hold on that fat to protect you from those toxins.

Any toxins that are not eliminated or hidden away in fat cells, will then form an internal sludge which will go back to the bloodstream and back to the liver to be detoxed again. This will make you feel fatigued and sluggish while those toxins flow through your blood.

Going on a detoxification cleanse for a week or more will help you to clean up the detoxification pathways and get them work effectively again. Your body will feel safe to let go of that fat. You will be able to finally loose those last stubborn pounds and your energy will dramatically increase, together with clear thinking and the ability to relax.

Everything starts with Your Goal Setting, whatever you decide to do. What are your goals?

Check Your GOALS:

  • Weight Loss
  • Increase Energy
  • Decrease Body Fat
  • Healthier Eating
  • Decrease Medication
  • Improve Complexion
  • Improve Blood Sugar Management
  • Foods Preparing
  • Not Skipping Meals
  • Other________

Thrive from the Inside Out!



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