Seasonal Detoxes

  • Do It Up In 7 – Spring Detox    Read More
  • Do It Up In 7 – Summer Detox
  • Do It Up In 7 – Fall Detox
  • Do It Up In 7 – Winter Detox

Each season supports different internal organs for their optimal performance. Learn to go with the nature flow and take care of different issues. Keep going without worries of dropping out (it’s only 7 days) and feel the difference in your body. Elevate your mood and speed up your metabolism.


Restorative  Elimination Diet

  • 10 Day ReNu You Introduction to Basic Elimination Diet
  • 28 Day ReNu You Basic Elimination Diet

Do you feel that something is not working well but you cannot figure out what? This is an easy and effective way to learn how your body reacts to certain foods. Learn to listen to your own body and take care of some mild issues. Follow, learn and understand. Be your own best friend. Give your body what is needed to heal itself. Start restoring your health.



One-on-one coaching

  • 3-Month
  • 6-Month

This is when you start finding why and fixing problems. It is like health detective work. Learn more with my guidance and assistance. Solve your health problems and be in charge of your own health and happiness. Learn about benefits of different foods and what works the best for your body. Learn how to read the symptoms and where to search for answers. Learn the most optimal approach to restore-nourish-thrive that works the best for you.

The best results are always seen with the consistency. The positive change takes some time depending on how determined you are and what is your health status.

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