As Hippocrates, the father of the modern medicine stated before “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Food is Medicine! You cannot out-exercise an unhealthy diet.



I understand, sometimes life gets in the way and it is easier to pull into a drive-thru or order a delivery pizza then prepare a full meal when you are short on time. But what is timely, convenient and cheap isn’t always what’s the best.

The quality of food you are putting into your body is going to determine how successful you are in achieving your weight loss goals and good health for lifetime. While changing your eating habits isn’t easy at first, all it takes are some simple changes to start living the healthy lifestyle and getting its many benefits. Eating well for you, is not only helpful in weight loss but also in reducing a number of health risks.

Benefits of proper eating:

  • may support the body’s sensitivity to insulin
  • may support normal blood sugar level
  • may support a healthy heart
  • has been shown to help people to lose and control their weight
  • may help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels
  • may help minimize carbohydrate cravings
  • could help manage hunger and keep you full for longer
  • may help minimize energy crushes
  •  might help prolong physical endurance

It is also not only about the diet but …WHO you are: what are your genetics, how was your childhood, how you react to stress, how happy you are in your current career or relationship, how physically active you are on daily basis.

“It is more important to know what kind of person has a disease than to know what kind of disease a person has.” ~ Hippocrates

I know what you are struggling with: been there – done that. In order to improve my digestive and hormonal issues I needed to totally change my lifestyle and diet. It was a learning curve for all my family. The reward was sweet – no more pain so if I had to do it again I would had done exactly the same way. This was a long process, nothing happened over the night but it was worth every single effort.

Are you ready to learn more about how to improve your lifestyle?


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