Spring is here and you are probably thinking what’ve happened to all your clothes hanging in the closet. Why did they shrink? You know it well enough it is not your clothes but heavy Winter eating. You feel sluggish. Spring is a perfect season to rejuvenate your body and do a simple detox.

Signs of increased toxicity:

fatigue, headaches, increased joint and muscle pain, food sensitivities or allergies, bad breath, mood swings, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance, intolerance to fragrance, stubborn weight gain, persistent skin conditions, high blood pressure, constipation just to mention a few.

Why detox?

Because, it is a process that converts all the toxins from your body into a waste that is eliminated later on. A main point for a detox it to eliminate all toxins that gathered in your fat tissue cells to improve body’s detoxification pathways, especially the liver. A detox program removes toxins like heavy metals, chemicals, cleaning solutions, cigarettes residue, and other environmental elements from your body. It can include change of your diet and lifestyle as well as some herbal supplements and therapeutic sweating.

Your SAD diet (Standard American Diet) is full of 4 deadly whites: flour, sugar, processed milk and too much salt together with excess of chemical additives and a deficiency of fruit, vegetables, and fiber. This diet clogs digestive system making it sluggish which means less nutrition is coming for your body. Even thought you might think you are eating well, your body might show the signs of malnutrition, lacking B, C and E vitamins as well as iron, calcium and other minerals. The first step is to clean up a digestive track and pull all the toxins away from your body and replenish nutrients by eating healthy whole foods.

How does the detox work?

You will eliminate trigger foods that can be the common cause of allergies, food sensitivities and digestive issues: dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, corn, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Do not worry – you will have plenty of food to eat.

Easy way to detox:

  • Avoid meat – digesting meat takes a lot of energy from your body and you will need more energy to do light exercise to promote sweating and toxin removal, plus you want to give your liver little rest
  • Bring on plant food – replace meat and processed food with vegetables and fruit
  • Add fiber – to remove toxins faster by enhancing toxin binding and peristalsis
  • Drink detox cocktail – lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper because lemon juice helps the liver boost amino acid production which helps drive out toxins, cayenne pepper helps the body clean itself by breaking up mucus that can accumulate and clog up the body
  • Drink plenty of water – it improves peristalsis and softens the waste material, flashes toxins away
  • Relax – restore your mind and emotional well-being as stress can cause toxins to accumulate or make harder to expel them

Your additional little helpers: green tea – helps get rid of free radicals, garlic – detoxes the liver, onion – detoxes the liver, ginger – detoxes the liver and helps digestion, lemon – detoxes the digestive tract, apples – detoxes the liver, grapefruit – detoxes the liver and prevents kidney stones, pineapple – cleanses the stomach, kale – detoxes and flushes out the kidney, asparagus – detoxes the liver, beets – detoxes the liver and helps get rid of free radicals.

Important supplements to detoxify your liver faster: milk thistle, vitamin B, C, minerals: magnesium, selenium and zinc just to mention a few.

Through a Spring detox, you will be detoxing your liver, your digestive system, your skin, and your thoughts promoting healthy elimination at least once a day.

First Step Into Spring
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