Thanksgiving dinner is a beautiful tradition unless you suffer from food sensitivities. Then you realize it takes extra effort to prepare a family gathering.

You might ask yourself "Should I stay home to prepare everything or go out to have fun as everyone else?". Well, there are pros and cons of that. 

Cooking At Home

  • you are the chef of Thanksgiving
  • you know all the ingredients you are using
  • you need to take your time
  • you need to do it

Eating Out

  • you do not have to prepare anything
  • you don't know how dishes were prepared
  • you need to show up
  • somebody does it for you

With eating out there is always a challenge to find a good restaurant which provides descent gluten free dishes. For holidays like Thanksgiving everybody goes with a traditional menu and that creates the question: how much gluten/wheat flour is used? Even when dishes sound like gluten free, you do not really know how they are prepared. Some chefs are using flour to sprinkle the turkey skin to provide extra crispiness. All traditional stuffing is made of bread - that's flour. The same goes with gravy, sauces and vegetables, there might be flour added for thickness or crispiness.  Even grilled vegetables might be sprinkled with flour.  The traditional Thanksgiving desserts are made with plenty of flour.

So after some troubles from previous years, I decided to prepare Thanksgiving with the help of my husband to make sure there are some traditional dishes in a gluten free version that I can truly enjoy. I took some time to find the best gluten free recipes for celebrating Thanksgiving in gluten free way.

Turkey is going to be smoked! Easy for me as my hubby is going to deal with that. The only advice I would love to share is to find your turkey all natural - hormone and antibiotic free and raised humanly in open environment.  I know you are going to pay a little bit more. Here in Chicagoland it is $1.79/lb instead of $.79/lb. Is it worth it? It depends on how much you value your health.  Decision is always yours. Turkey as meat is by nature gluten free. When turkey is done the right way, the skin will be crispy even without flour.  The seasoning which we use for poultry in our household is thyme, sage, marjoram, rosemary, black pepper and nutmeg. I grow the herbs in my garden but you can get everything as Poultry Seasoning from McCormick but please make sure it doesn't contain MSG.

Some of the Gluten Free Recipes

Stuffing could not have been done easier with help of MomFoodie who created this amazing list of gluten free stuffing recipes.

Thanksgiving Cornbread Stuffing Recipe with Sherried Mushroom Sauté {Gluten-Free} Cooking on the Weekends
Kale & Leek Quinoa Stuffing Skillet Girl Adulting
Cranberry and Golden Beet Quinoa Recipe : Gluten-Free Stuffing Mom Foodie
Root Vegetable Gluten Free Stuffing Dishing Delish
Gluten Free Walnut and Kale Quinoa Stuffing Healthy Seasonal Recipes
Jasmine Rice Stuffing with Butternut Squash, Dates & Cranberries This Mama Cooks (on a Diet)
Scrumptious Breadless Turkey Stuffing Scrumptious Moms
Grandpa’s Secret Stuffing Bam’s Kitchen
Gluten Free Stuffing Officially Gluten Free
Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing Delicious Meets Healthy

As for other side  dishes I have plenty of recipe books for gluten free dishes but I also search for them online and I am going to share with you my favorites. There are different versions of those recipes circulating online or in different printed books.

My favorite is gluten free green beans casserole and I found this on Eat the Love - Classic Green Bean Casserole

Other totally yummy is the Brussels sprouts recipe from a Chicago chef and food blogger A Beautiful Plate - Gluten Free Brussels Sprouts 

Dessert - I love pumpkin pie as it is so Thanksgiving. So here it is a recipe by Danielle Walker from Against All Grains - Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie

Regardless how gluten free is my Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for - my family, friends, good health and all small and big things that put a smile on my face everyday. I feel blessed with my life and having delicious food on the table to be shared with a family is priceless. Spread the blessings, share the love as not only what you eat nourishes your body. Prepare your food with love, share with friends and family, chew slowly to get all of those flavors and be thankful for another Thanksgiving together. 

Gluten Free Thanksgiving
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