After reading so many posts on Facebook about health related issues, I am more and more convinced that there is no one diet that fits all and there is no one lifestyle that is the best.

We need to remember that we are all unique and our bodies are as well. It is time to truly understand how our bodies are impacted by our personal histories, methods of self care, genome, microbiome, DNA, heritage, blood type just to name a few.

I was truly fascinated about the blood type theory relating to differences in our digestive system and assimilation of different types of food. Please, read about Dr. Peter J D’Adamo and The Blood Type Diet book telling about the best possible food for certain blood type and explaining why. It is scientifically proven that people with certain type of blood tend to feel great on vegetarianism while the others not.

We all suffer from minor or major dysfunctions or have genetic predispositions to certain diseases.  There is no single food that will be safe for everybody. Garlic which is good for digestion might irritate somebody’s gut lining. The raw kale, known for its amazing nutritional value, put in somebody’s daily smoothie might make them sick. The coconut oil that one client might eat by spoons on daily basis might cause a break out in rash or GI issues for another. Even two people living in the same household, might eat different food and do not tolerate others. If I eat what my husband eats I will be in pain all the time. My digestive system cannot process certain food like gluten, lactose and dairy. When I am making morning smoothie, I need to avoid putting beets in my hubby’s as the cleansing process starts right away while for me take some time. Do you see the picture?

If you personally found the way that works for you, great! You did your job, you listened to your body, learned physiology of your systems and now you are on the right track. Fantastic, even if that was by accident. But it doesn’t mean the same stuff will work for everybody else.

What if someone cannot figure out what might be the problem and what perfect diet will work for them? Let someone else who was trained to do it, help them to figure that out.

There Is No One Diet That Fits All

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